FOUND IMAGES RESEARCH was founded in Vancouver by Paula Sawadsky in 2003. The company was built on Paula’s decade of experience in visual research and clearances, and now comprises a team of three who each bring unique research, creative, and administrative skills to the enterprise.

Owner & Founder
Paula Sawadsky has been working in the British Columbia film industry since 1996 and has distinguished herself as the leading archival footage and clearance researcher in western Canada.

She has forged enduring connections throughout the worldwide image research and archive community and has been the principal archival researcher on hundreds of documentary television programs, series, and feature films. Her credits include the Genie and Sundance award winning production “The Corporation” and the acclaimed “Weird Sex and Snowshoes: A Trek Through the Canadian Cinematic Psyche,” featuring clips from over 70 great Canadian films, and the groundbreaking Vancouver political films “Fix: Story of an Addicted City” and “Citizen Sam”.